The Listener


A paramedic with telepathic powers who finds himself consulting with law enforcement to make a change in the world by helping others while listening to the thoughts of victims and criminals, and seeing images that they saw.

This was my third time working with seasoned veteran producer Adam Haight. Working and collaborating with Adam is always a pleasure and rewarding experience. Seasons 3, 4 and 5 brought great opportunities to work and collaborate with other highly accomplished producer’s Karen Troubetzkoy, Peter Mohan and Tina Grewal.

Joining forces with my dear friend and colleague Tom Third for the underscore, we executed a hybrid electronic/orchestral palette, peppered with guitars and modern drum production. We advanced the diversity of the underscore with various non-traditional and ethnic instrumentation, which provided a comprehensive range of scoring opportunities.

I am obliged to have worked on The Listener, it was an absolutely wonderful experience.

Producer: Shaftesbury Films, CTV